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EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) in Oil & Gas Conference 2023

Theme: Developing effective and efficient project management practices

About EPCI

Sustainability & innovation is the key to survival for any project. The EPC companies are experiencing business impacts, end-market diversification, change in contracting models, and digital transformation.


(EPC) projects are becoming more complex & are much larger in scale, with large contract values. Mega projects both in Upstream & Downstream announced by the major players & governments, EPC contractors will have opportunity to demonstrate their current skill sets & operational excellence to bag the projects.


India, which is second largest refiner in Asia after China, is emerging as a refinery hub with refining capacity exceeding demand. India needs investment to the tune of 300 billion dollars in the next 10 years to double its oil refining capacity.


Development of new offshore oilfields & redevelopment of existing fields by the E & P players also provides immense opportunities to the EPC contractors.


EPCI 2023 is a highly interactive conference where industry leaders and experts will converge to discuss and share industry knowledge and experiences, helping better understand and address the concerns that businesses are facing in a changing ecosystem.


Get precious insight on the key factors of successful project delivery & the common challenges faced by both contractors and projects owners.


Network and discuss best practice with the key strategic decision makers from the oil & gas industry. Join the top owners, EPCs, engineers, constructors, suppliers, consultants, contractors and subcontractors, researchers discussing current challenges and best practices.


The event will be of interest to the Project owners, EPCs, Constructors, Engineers and Suppliers.


EPCI is an industry summit for thought leadership to discuss challenges and special risks and how to manage them. The attendees will take a note of changing national visions, business models, customer requirements, environmental concerns, sustainability and market drivers


We engage subject-matter experts from Operator, EPC, constructor and engineering community. These experts lend its knowledge and experience to the task of defining the conference themes, developing the program and planning great networking opportunities for attendees.

What you will gain:


  • gain experiences networking with various EPC professionals

  • benefit from the lessons learned by meeting the leaders

  • adopt up-to-date strategies on risk mitigation

  • project operational excellence


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