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Conference Highlights
  • Is designed specifically to cater to the issues & challenges faced by the oil and gas stakeholders involved in current or planned EPC projects. 

  • Will cover all critical aspects of Engineering, Procurement & Construction in the Oil & Gas sector.

  • Will address the most relevant issues to bolster the growth of this high risk industry. 

  • Will highlight value added decision making during engineering phase of epc 

  • Effective project management  

Conference Topics



  • Strategic keynote speeches

  • Micro & macro-economics

  • Panel discussions

  • Presentations on topical subjects


What needs to be done:


  • EPC industry needs to integrate processes and products to ensure that better value can be delivered to the client.

  • Outsourcing of an activity for business process improvements such as reduced lead time, higher flexibility, reduced inventory etc.

  • Knowledge management and effective information flow for an effective value chain.

  • To manage capital projects efficiently, companies should develop a strategy or roadmap for capital project efficiency and performance improvement, which will help save on schedule, costs and lead to higher margins.

  • Design standardization provides one of the greatest savings opportunities in capital projects.

  • Digital technologies can make oil and gas capital projects more productive as well.

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